Our Story

NovoSlate is a California based digital agency, owned and operated by two brothers. Dan and Peter, the two brothers, grew up in Minnesota and were blessed to have Christian parents who taught them how to be resourceful, respectful, and trustworthy. While they were still in elementary school, Dan and Peter founded their first business venture selling Christmas tree ornaments built from popsicle sticks to the surrounding neighborhoods. They raised over $400 and since then, they’ve been all about business.

In the years to follow, Dan and Peter both worked independently as freelancers doing anything from computer repair to web design. In 2016, Dan and Peter started talking about joining forces to offer a wider array of services and in 2017, they finally made it happen. After many sleepless nights, they finally came up with a name that would fit their vision – “NovoSlate”. The English translation for the Latin word “novo” is to make new, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent. The goal is to offer our clients a clean/new (novo) slate.